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Latest List
« on: January 23, 2018, 09:58:11 PM »
Well, it has been ages since I was on here. However, today is my birthday and I got that nice email from here so decided to come back.

Here is my 2000 point list I have been playing with. I enjoy it a lot. I won the last three games with it, and am taking it to the local tourney next month. The rules of the tourney are 1 mandatory Battalion or Brigade, plus one other detachment is optional (except no Super Heavy detachment allowed)

My army is Lugganath but I use the Fieldcraft attribute.


Autarch w/Star Glaive 77pt
-Warlord Trait: Fate's Messenger
-Remnant: The Phoenix Gem

Farseer w/Singing Spear 105pt


5 Rangers 60pt

20 Guardians w/2 Brightlances 210pt

10 Dire Avengers w/Exarch 143pt
-Shimmershield and Power Glaive


10 Howling Banshees w/Exarch 133pt

Wave Serpent 157pt
-Missile Launchers


3 War Walkers 250pt
-Brightlance/Shu. Cannon
-Missile Launcher/Scatter Laser
-Missile Launcher/Scatter Laser

Wraithlord 151pt
-Two Shu. Cannons
-Two Flamers

Fire Prism 160pt
-Crystal Target Matrix


Wraithknight 550pt

So there it is. I set up the 20 man Guardian unit in the Webway. The War Walkers Outflank. The Rangers deploy last but lately I have been putting them in my backfield and using their range to cover a firing line to an objective.

Banshee's go in Wave Serpent and deploy along with the Fire Prism usually on a flank. The Dire Avengers along with the Autarch and Farseer deploy center with the Wraithlord. The Wraithknight takes the other flank.

Depending on how my opponent sets up, I may use Phantasm to flip the Fire Prism and Wave Serpent with the Wraithknight. I keep a CP for when the Guardians come in. They will be in a prime place to get shot, so when that happens I use Celestial Shield on them. If I have CP's I may use Fire and Fade after they come in, to move them out of range of whatever they are close to.

I keep the Banshee's in the Wave Serpent typically for the first two turns to see how the game is playing out. They mainly are for plugging a gap in the line. I try to use Matchless Agility and Supreme Disdain on them when they deploy, and get them right into combat.

For Psychic's I always take Fortune plus whatever I feel would do best against my opponent. I use Fortune on the Wraithlord to give him the Invul Save.

Another Stratagem that I have been getting off lately is Tears of Isha. This is mainly used when my Wraithknight falls down a level on the damage chart. I use this to try to get him back up so not to take the negatives.

Well, that's about it. It's a pretty tight list, and relies heavily on tactics and timing. You gotta play it in pure Eldar bastard fashion to work it, but it is a great fun and synergetic list.