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Trying to build 1500
« on: December 06, 2017, 09:14:42 AM »
The local shop closed at the first of this month and they sold their on hand stock off at 50% on the day of the last tournament. As a door prize I won a tau broadside, as that was my first tau unit that I have owned I went ahead and bought out the other tau kits they had.

So, I want to build a basic 1500 all comers casual list with these models as a base.

They are all unbuilt and I have some fresh magnets on order to magnetize them for all weapon/support upgrades I can.

10x Fire Warrior

Riptide Battlesuit
Ghostkeel Battlesuit

10x Pathfinder
Broadside Battlesuit

Need some help picking out an HQ to use. And for other units, I kind of prefer it to be suits and drones over troops.

Thinking Commander of course but I really like the idea of the Droneport with a Cadre Fireblade as a mobile markerlight platform.