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Discussion: Eldar / Facing multiple Helldrakes in 1850pts
« on: March 20, 2017, 10:32:53 AM »
I keep having to face 2-3 Helldrakes in 1850pt games and as any Eldar play knows, they are the bane of most of our army.  I don't like relying to much on CH's as they aren't great for their points and can be vectored striked off the table.  How does everyone else deal with them?  EML are ok but expensive outside of the battlehost.

Discussion: Eldar / 3 lists, one game.
« on: May 27, 2016, 11:13:44 AM »
I'm having a running competetion against the next best player in our gaming group who plays GK's.  I've won all 5 battles so far but some have been quite close.  Our last was a 4000pt game with many formations and LoW so we have decided that the next will be a simple 1500pt Maelstrom with only one CAD allowed. We will both write 3 separate lists and must attempt to keep them different from each other.  We will then draw them randomly against each other and see who wins the 3 games.
I have opted for 3 lists each built around a different idea and have tried to make them fluffy and challenge myself as a player, they are: A Fire dragons host; A Wraith host and a Speed host.
I will list each army and any tweaks you think may be good would be appreciated.
First up: Fire Dragons which is a small very hard hitting variation on my double aspect host force.
Warlord: Fuegan
2nd HQ: Autarch with fusion gun and firesabre
3 units of 10 Fire dragons with a basic exarch.
3 Wave serpents with BL and ghost walk matrixes.
2 units of 3 jetbikes.

Normally I would have 6 units of 5 to maximise targets and use the cloudstrike for 3 to drop them in but I don't to start off with so much off the board and can obviously only have 3 units.  The plan will be to get them up close quick and preferably in cover and take 3 units of the board as quick as possible.  Thankfully GK's are not likely to have huge numbers either.

So after the recent victory over GK's with a mainly wraith army I'm going to try something completely different.  I know he will have no assassins and will be mostly termies, dreadknights and characters including a deathstar. I'm going to try small units each with a very specific role in a very Eldar force. Any thoughts on it's weaknesses and best uses. I will not be changing the list, this is something and want to give some field time to:
Everything is Craftworld warhost for that 6" run.

Warlord: Asureman

Autarch - wings, fusion gun (for the reserve roll and to pop the last w/hp where needed.)

Seer Council:
Eldrad (with Divination)
Farseer, stone: Fate)
7 Warlocks

Guardian battle host consisting of:
3 x 10 Guardians with EML
2 D-cannon
Vyper with two shuri-cannons
Warwalker with 2 BL
Farseer on Jetbike (probably with Divination.) 
This will act as my backfield force, holding objectives and providing supporting fire.

Aspect warhost +1BS
3 x 5 Warpspider, exarch with spinneret rifle (for that AP1 shot)

Aspect warhost +1BS
3 x 6 Dragons
in 3 Falcons with BL

Aspect warhost +1BS
6 Dire Avengers, exarch with Diresword (for AP1 attacks)
6 Dire Avengers, exarch with Diresword (for AP1 attacks)
7 Dire Avengers,  exarch with shimmershield (for AP1 attacks) will Asureman attached.

Aspect warhost +1WS
3 x 6 Banshee's exarch's with Executioners (for AP2 attacks)

Crimson Hunter exarch

Skatcatch Wraithknight with Inferno lances.
Wraithknight with sunrifle.

Each of the Dire Avengers squads will travel near to a howling Banshee squad, providing some supportive firepower and then potentially charge at the same time benefitting from not being over watched.  I have basically made lots of small squads each with an exarch with an AP1/2 weapon to deal as much damage to the 4 termie squads as possible. Asureman will go at the deathstar and start issuing challenges.  The dragons will target the DK's if possible, if not they will wipe and armour.

Discussion: Eldar / Fighting GK's
« on: April 25, 2016, 07:29:55 AM »
I have a 3000pt game against GK's coming up and want to use some of my collection that doesn't see much table time.  My opponent will use a deathstar, lots of paladins, termies, a Stormraven and 2 babywalkers. He'll most likely have an execution force and maybe a knight.  I'm going to try the following craftworld warhost.
Core coice: Windrider host;
Farseer skyrunner with stone and spear
2 Warlock skyrunners with spears
4 jetbikes
4 jetbikes
3 cannonbikes
Vyper with shuricannon and star cannon

5 Cannon guard in WS(BL and ghost matrix)
5 Scythe guard in WS(BL and ghost matrix)
5 wraith axes
Wraithlord with glaive
Wraithknight with Glaive and shield
Spirit Seer

Crimson Death formation
Wraith knight with suncannon and 2 star cannons

Seer Council
2 Farseers and 7 warlocks.

The combat wraith stuff will stick together using the 6 inch run  to close the distance to hit hard while I pile as many Ap2 shots in as I can.

What powers for my guys would you suggest, I was thinking double Telepathy for the council and Fate for the Skyrunner. Telepathy for the Spirit seer.

Discussion: THE LIST / Warhammer World game
« on: April 04, 2016, 08:17:10 AM »
So me and 5 mates are heading to Warhammer world on the 23rd and we have booked a 6 by 8 board for a 3vs3 game. 1850pts/player.
On one side are: Dark Admech, Daemons and Daemonkin.
My side are: Eldar, Ultramarines and GK/Assassins.
The other side were worried about big stuff as they knew I had just bought a Revenant Titan and were also concerned about cheesy Formations. These are the lists posted, what do you think. And yes, they are the ones with a super heavy and a formation that gives loads of free stuff.

Team Chaos:++ Cult Mechanicus: Codex (2015) (AdM Adeptus Mechanicus War Convocation) ++
++ Cult Mechanicus: Codex (2015) (Cult Mechanicus part) (420pts) ++
+ HQ (105pts) +
Tech-Priest Dominus (War Conv.) (105pts) [Conversion field, Digital weapons, Erradication ray, Infoslave Skull, Phosphor serpenta, Uncreator Gauntlet]

+ Troops (315pts) +
Kataphron Breachers (War Conv.) (150pts)
Kataphron Breacher [Arc claw, Heavy arc rifle]
Kataphron Breacher [Arc claw, Heavy arc rifle]
Kataphron Breacher [Arc claw, Torsion cannon]

Kataphron Destroyers (War Conv.) (165pts)
Kataphron Destroyer [Cognis flamer, Plasma culverin]
Kataphron Destroyer [Cognis flamer, Plasma culverin]
Kataphron Destroyer [Cognis flamer, Heavy grav-cannon]

++ Skitarii: Codex (2015) (Skitarii part) (1000pts) ++
+ Formation (1000pts) +
Battle Maniple (War Conv.) (1000pts)
Ironstrider Ballistarii
Ironstrider Ballistarius [Twin-linked cognis lascannon]
Ironstrider Ballistarius [Twin-linked cognis lascannon]
Ironstrider Ballistarius [Twin-linked cognis lascannon]
Ironstrider Ballistarius [Twin-linked cognis lascannon]
Onager Dunecrawlers
Onager Dunecrawler [Cognis heavy stubber, Cognis manipulator, Mindscanner probe, Neutron Laser and Cognis Heavy Stubber, Smoke launchers]
Onager Dunecrawler [Cognis heavy stubber, Cognis manipulator, Mindscanner probe, Neutron Laser and Cognis Heavy Stubber, Smoke launchers]
Onager Dunecrawler [Cognis heavy stubber, Cognis manipulator, Mindscanner probe, Neutron Laser and Cognis Heavy Stubber, Smoke launchers]
Sicarian Infiltrators [Flechette Blasters and Taser Goads, 4x Sicarian Infiltrator]
Infiltrator Princeps [Conversion field, Digital weapons, The Phase Taser]
Sicarian Ruststalkers [4x Sicarian Ruststalker, Two Transonic blades]
Ruststalker Princeps [Conversion field, Digital weapons, Pater Radium]
Skitarii Rangers [Arc rifle, Omnispex, 4x Skitarii Ranger, Transuranic arquebus]
Ranger Alpha [Arc maul, Arc pistol, Arkhan's Divinator, Conversion field, Digital weapons]
Skitarii Vanguard [Arc rifle, Omnispex, Plasma caliver, 9x Skitarii Vanguard, Transuranic arquebus]
Vanguard Alpha [Arc pistol, Conversion field, Digital weapons, Power sword, The Skull of Elder Nikola]

++ Imperial Knights: Codex (2015) (Imperial Knights part) (425pts) ++
+ Lord of War (425pts) +
Knight Crusader (War Conv.) (425pts) [ Rapid-fire Battle Cannon w/ Heavy Stubber, Heavy Stubber, Twin Icarus Autocannon]

++ Chaos Daemons: Codex (2013) (Chaos CD Daemonic Incursion) (1299pts) ++

+ Core (674pts) +
Warpflame Host (674pts)
[8x] Exalted Flamers of Tzeentch
Herald of Tzeentch [D6 Lesser Daemonic Reward, Exalted Locus of Conjuration, Psyker Level 3, The Endless Grimoire, Warlord]
Pink Horrors of Tzeentch [Icon of Chaos, 11x Pink Horrors]

+ Command (580pts) +
Daemon Lord (300pts) [Kairos Fateweaver]
Daemon Lord (280pts)
Lord of Change [Psyker Level 3, The Impossible Robe]

+ Auxiliary (45pts) +
Daemon Flock (45pts)
Chaos Furies [Daemon of Slaanesh, 5x Furies]
++ Chaos Daemons: Codex (2013) (CAD) (549pts) ++

+ HQ (331pts) +
Daemonic Heralds (250pts)
Herald of Tzeentch [D6 Exalted Daemonic Reward, Psyker Level 3]
Herald of Tzeentch [D6 Exalted Daemonic Reward, Psyker Level 3]
The Blue Scribes (81pts)

+ Troops (218pts) +
Pink Horrors of Tzeentch (109pts) [Icon of Chaos, 11x Pink Horrors]
Pink Horrors of Tzeentch (109pts) [Icon of Chaos, 11x Pink Horrors]

++ Codex: Khorne Daemonkin (CAD) (1857pts) ++

+ HQ (482pts) +
Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage (275pts)
Chaos Lord (207pts) [Combi- Melta, Kor'lath, The Axe of Ruin, Sigil of Corruption, Terminator Armour]

+ Elites (431pts) +
Chaos Terminators (431pts) [Chaos Land Raider, Icon of Wrath]
[3x] Terminators [Combi-Bolter, Power Fist]
Terminator Champion [Chainfist, Combi- Melta]

+ Troops (407pts) +
Berzerkers (247pts) [7x Bezerkers, Chaos Rhino, Icon of Wrath]
Bezerker Champion [Axe of Khorne, Bolt Pistol, Melta Bombs]
Bloodletters (80pts) [8x Bloodletters]
Bloodletters (80pts) [8x Bloodletters]

+ Fast Attack (102pts) +
Chaos Rhino (35pts), Chaos Rhino (35pts), Chaos Spawn (32pts)

+ Heavy Support (435pts) +
Maulerfiend (140pts) [2x Lasher Tendrils], Maulerfiend (130pts) [2x Magma Cutters], Soul Grinder (165pts) [Phlegm Bombardment]


Grey Knights
Draigo 245pts
Castellen crowe 175pts
Lvl 3 libby DLD relic, ward stave, combi melta 170pts
2 callidus assassins 290pts
2 culuxes assassins 280pts
5 man Terminator squad all halberds and psilencer. 190pts
Paladin Apothecary deamon hammer
Paladin banner psilencer
Paladin Falchions
Paladin Falchions 308 pts
Paladin Apothecary halberd
Paladin halberd
Paladin halberd. 191pts
Grand total 1849 points

Chief Librarian Tigurius 165pts
5 man Terminator squad with Assault Cannon 165pts
Land Raider Redeemer with Multi Melta 250 pts
Sky hammer orbital Strike force
3 tactical squads as follows
9 man, flamer. Dedicated drop pod with death wind launcher.
3 land speeders with 2 multi melta 2 assault cannon heavy Bolter and heavy flamer.
743 points
1st company task force
3 Sternguard squads all as follows
5 man, 2 heavy flamers rhino dedicated transport.
495 points
Grand Total 1848 points

Craftworld Warhost
Guardian Battlehost
Warlord: Farseer Skyrunner with Spirit Stone): 115
3 units of 10 Guardians with Eldar Missile Launcher: 270
Vyper with 2 Shuriken Cannon: 50
War Walker with 2 bright Lances: 70
2 D-cannon support weapons: 110
Total: 615
Aspect Warrior Host:
6 Swooping hawks with exarch: 106
8 Warp Spider with exarch: 162
10 Fire Dragons with exarch :230
dedicated wave serpent; scatter lasers, shuriken cannon, holofield and ghostwalk matrix: 150
Total: 648
Warhost Total: 1263
Secondary Detachment
HQ: Spirit Seer: 70
4 Jetbikes: 68
4 Jetbikes: 68
3 Scatbikes: 81
Elites: 5 Wraithguard: 150
Fast attack: Waveserpent; Scatterlasers, Shuriken cannon, holofield and ghostwalk matrix: 150
Total: 587
Grand Total: 1850

Discussion: Eldar / Fun vs Grey Knights
« on: April 01, 2016, 03:47:20 AM »
Had a great game the other day where a regular GK opponent brought the inevitable Culexus and a massive squad of Paladdins with apothecary(for FNP). Fed up of seeing my psykers mulched by the assassin I  just took an autarch with wings and mask that managed to get into combat with him and tie him up for the entire game. But the fun part came when a wave serpent dropped a squad of 10 BS5 Firedragons next to his oh so mighty Paladdins.  The look on his face when I got 9 hits(Typically the exarch missed) then 8 wounds and all he had was his 5+ invul or his 2 wound squad was dead. One round of shooting killed 6 Paladdins, a libby and the apothecary and with it any chance he had of winning.  Fun vs Grey Knights.

Discussion: THE LIST / Trial Eldar list 1850, vs Daemonkin
« on: March 12, 2016, 09:44:20 AM »
Playing a game next saturday and trying some new combo's out. I never normally leave the house without fire dragons in a transport and dark reapers and I want to move away from wraith stuff for a while.
Opponent will likely have Skull crushers and 2 Maulerfiends, always uses the damn axe with the Bloodthirster.  Don't think he will use many daeons as he ususally dies and has said he is trying some new stuff.
Farseer Skyrunner with spirit stone :130
Farseer Skyrunner :115
3 Jetbikes: 51
3 Jetbikes: 51
3 Jetbikes: 51
3 Scatbikes: 81

Crimson Death Formation all 3 with BL: 440

Shooty Aspect Host:
6 Swooping Hawks, exarch: 106
7 Warp Spiders, exarch: 143
7 Warp Spiders, exarch: 143

Dire Avenger Shrine:
10 with exarch, Shimmershield combo: 160
9 Avengers:117
9 Avengers 117
Wave Serpent: Scatterlaser, Shuricannon, Spirit Stone and Ghostwalk Matrix: 145

 1850 exact.

The plan is 2 use 2 Avenger squads to hold the back field and the other one and jetbikes to steal other objectives.  The Crimsons will take out threats to themselves first then pop other vehicles and MC.  The hawks and spiders will act as a mobile strike force and then catch obj late in the game when the Jetbikes have died.
Thinking of one Farseer with Fate and the other with Divination to maximise my shooting.
Any thoughts?

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