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Discussion: Chaos Space Marines / Re: summoning DP?
« on: July 01, 2015, 06:59:59 AM »
thanks for your read :) and feedback

The ML3 sounds very legit if you put it that way. especially with the extra pysker-making-magic, good good.
perhaps getting a detachment with a keeper of secrets might be also good for this? (my mind and thoughts are running around now)

my bikes are there because i like the models.
they have 2 melta's, champion can have something depending on if i have some points left.

I suspect to lose the spawn, mauler and oblits since they get in CC or have that much firepower they have to deal with the threat.
the bikers are there to capture objectives or, if need be and my oblits/mauler fail, to pop some armor.

so my bikes should be the dudes who capture my objectives (since they are the fastest) with my cultists and CSM doing the secure my own deployment thing

does this sound like an okay tactic?

Discussion: Chaos Space Marines / summoning DP?
« on: June 30, 2015, 06:50:38 AM »
So running some CSM and thinking about a lot of tactics.
let me take you on a small trip in my mind.
i went out with slaanesh because i love the fluff and models on it and made a blastmaster list which didnt totally fit my playstyle as its pretty much stay put and shoot. which is too difficult for me to play and not fun in my opinion.
so i went on the more allround tour, dropping my slaanesh lord and going sorc. or DP. running cultists and normal marines and not including any noise marines at all. so there has been a lot of change to it. However. im still modelling everything as slaanesh. just because i want a pink army and still love the models. Im even thinking of converting a jugger-axe-lord into a slaanesh version as a counts as model with khorne rules. so thats that....

now tacticawise im thinking of the following
since i love playing objective games and stuff i think movement is key to capture what you need and place holder units have their value.
since you can go DP with summoning i was wondering what the best set up for this would be.
My goal: getting a survivable DP that can summon place holders, act as warlord and doesnt need to be in the thick of battle but more like a linebacker to keep him our of harms way and propose a threat to engaging enemys non-death-stars

I go trough the options one by one
wings - the most difficult option to way out.
great speed with wings and board control
difficult to hit
you need to move a lot and might end up places you dont want to because of flying
a hefty points investment

Power armor
a must have 3+ for this price is too good to pass up. even when flying

Nurgle - buffs survivability, but slow and purposefull.
Tzeentch - better invul. save but not that great since his power armor will save most
Slaanesh - faster on the ground, and fleet, so able to engage/catch more units
Khorne - can't since he cannot be a wizard....

blackmace - too expensive to run for a linebacker i suppose.
reroll psyker test item - fairly cheap and perhaps a must have. dont know if its all that usefull

psyker level 2 or 3
what would the extra level bring? possibly an additional summoning spell or perhaps cursed earth. but is it worth it? he will probably be my only psyker

So where it boils on down to
wings/no wings?
nurgle or slaanesh?
reroll psyker test item yes or no?
lvl 2 or lvl3?

my 1K list be something like;
10 cultists - cheapness
5 csm in rhino - cheap + more survivable
3 spawn
5 bikes
2 oblits
1 oblit

any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

Discussion: Terrain / Re: Mars gaming table done!!!
« on: June 22, 2015, 03:32:48 PM »
Nice table!
Good to see the stuff being move-able.
besides the boxes, any other scenery other than rocks?
they do look good though!

any close-ups possible on the boxes?

perhaps 2 mini bike squads no upgrades?
simply turboboost all over the table to the objectives you need capturing outside of your strikeforce
the meleesquad should keep the pressure on so the enemy HAS to shoot them.
leaving your bikes free to capture points.

Dont know if this is something you can use or not.
it was my first thought.

Discussion: Terrain / Re: killteams terrain?
« on: June 11, 2015, 06:50:58 PM »
nice to see those!
i think i can manage something like that. well just have to see:)

also going with chaos in killteams. going to be aweesome :D
hopefully ill get around to posting up some of those battle pics

Discussion: Terrain / killteams terrain?
« on: June 11, 2015, 06:42:45 AM »
Im checking to see if people will play some killteams.
any tips on terrain for this?

i thikn it would be great to have some ladder/bridges over building for some multi level madness.

can you guys/galls show me your tables on which you play such games?

General Discussion / Re: Tips to Make a Game Go Faster
« on: June 08, 2015, 06:57:21 AM »
still good points made by the OP.
I think there is a lot going to waste on useless discussions aat the table about ´what which forum said´ and ´how the latest release of x does y to the meta´

it doesnt hurt to help each other out,
i does hurt to rush to conclusions/actions.

keep in mind though, you learn more the more you play.
the more decisions you make, the better you see the outcome.

if you play faster, you get more games, get more exp, take faster decisions...

Discussion: Chaos Space Marines / Re: Got my bikes done, now what,...
« on: June 07, 2015, 07:36:33 AM »
played some games against a beginning 40k guy. lost 1, won 1.

bikes are getting better. teamed up with the maulerfiend and  spawn they can make a bit of a mess of some units :) which is nice.
all in all, they are still marines on bikes and cannot conquer the world on their own.

also, i just realised the last game, "if bikes are more than 24" away, its inmpossible to charge". never thought of it that way...
still im learning and learning, which is nice.
thanks all!

im kind of sick of the slaanesh biker lord and whe i use the unit in the wreong way i lose him AGAIN and then my army falls apart.
I hope the flying DP will not die that fast and help me out in some pivotal combats.
its not so much that i hate the model, its more that i need a bigger threat on the table who can relieve my bikers from certain death.

the spawn seem like a great idea and i even have 2 of the slaanesh mounts laying around somewhere, so i will be paiting them shortly then i guess (since everything is slaanesh themed)

I do however not like the cultists... but hej,.. if they play better ill try em.

thanks for your reply.
I hope to update my blog sometime just to give the community something back (a lousy paintjob ;))

Hi shark, thanks for your reply,
my current mindset/list im thinkin about for 1K is the following:

Deamon prince, slaanesh, wings, armor, LVL1, black mace

5 man CSM, Veterans, flamer
Rhino + Havoc Launcher

5 man CSM, Veterans, flamer
Rhino + Havoc Launcher

5 bikes + 2 plasma  (champ with M.bombs)

1 Maulerfiend

2 Oblits - Veterans

total 965 points, so got 35 left. of which i cannot do much with if you ask me.

I dont know, i can add a single spawn, though i dont think that would do me any good.
use it on perhaps combi weapons for champions or anything?

or am i spending too much somewhere elso so i can include an additional spawn, and then 2 would be okay to use/have enough staying power?

please let me hear your opinion on this.
would help me a lot.

I stand corrected on the 3+ jink... should have been 4+ indeed...
And i dont play mono slaanesh, all my models are pink thats true. but im not 'that kind of guy' who needs mono.

as for the precision shot thing, it makes a lot of sense when you put it like that.
how many bikes per unit do you use? since you only get the 2 special weapons and maybe the champion's combi-weapon.

this unit coupled with a maulerfiend with lashers might be a good combat thingy.

also, its pretty useless to combine a lord in there right?
i'd run (with my very limited knowledge) something like
Bike lord - slaanesh - L.Claw - Burning brand - maybe sigil
5 bikes - 2x melta (or plasma)
maybe a champion with something flashy like a L.claw or combiweaon.

should just drop the lord i guess then?

Discussion: Chaos Space Marines / Got my bikes done, now what,...
« on: May 26, 2015, 06:43:24 AM »
I have posted, a while ago, on how to run a slaanesh bike squad to the best potential.
I have been playing some games with them and they dont seem to cut it for me. which is a strange thing because they should be awesome.

I tried them in the following ways;
- with or without chaos lord
- as a mobile firebase
- as a balls-out-hitter
- as a line backer for my troops

problems i get into,
- the 3+ jink is nice, but prevents me from shooting the burning brand
- the 3+ jink is nice, but its 'only' a 3+. which will only get you so far out in the open
- when hitting combats a lot of bikes seem to die and then i get in trouble
- firepower is limited so a mobile firebase is out of the question

It seems they cannot do the job alone, there might be some problems in my tactics,
i think, probably bumping into a too big of a threat. or something?

also, what is your typical bike use?
do you turboboost to a ***-unit which you can massacre and go on to the next?
do you just turboboost all over the table the whole game so they keep out of danger?
keep them in reserves?

im lost on my precious bikes :(
im almost considering dropping them for something else! :(!

please help me.
any 'logical' thing to do with them, please share as i defeneatly dont understand the biker-mobs from space...

Im not into a big deathstar kind of unit, but please share your experience

Discussion: Chaos Daemons / deamons of GWAR
« on: April 22, 2015, 07:03:58 AM »

me as a long time GWAR fan (and as a spin-off from the warhammer empire forums im trying to make a dual-army)

Im wanting to start a GWAR themed army, with Oderus Urungus as my main man offcourse.
Now, for those of you who dont know GWAR, check out youtube or spotify or anything

as for the looks, i hope to go for something like this
Now, seeing this picture i immeadetly thought of chaos, i mean... what else!?
they are spikey, gore-ey, bad-behind sons of mothers

where do i need your help?
As im not entirely up to date with chaos Daemons at this moment im looking for a somewhat competitive list.
I hope you guys can help me with this in some way

What im looking for is a low model count army with the 5 brothers of GWAR being the centre pieces.
that being said, i do want them kind of sturdy and the units around the heroes should solely be serving them as well,... servants.

Now, i'm kind of wanting to stay away from daemon princes,
as they are regularly big models and i want my dudes a bit space marine/human sized. a MASSIVE oderus won't be good for modelling purposes/my personal goals.

Thinking of turning them into heralds,
1 on juggernaut
1 or 2 on discs
2 left, dont know what to do.

i know new books are coming out, i will probably not be using a lot of GW models as bases, so a lot of crappy green stuffing and kit bashing will be in order.
can you guys help me write a list?
aiming for 1K to 1750 (and anywhere in between to see what fgits best)

tghanks in advance

please also look into non/khorne marked, but max marines.
i dont have the numbers on me at this moment.

But the advantages should be;
- more bodies
- more shots? /attacks? (dont think so)

I could imagine that there are some points the normal CSM with CC/pistol will do better than marked + bolter and shennenigans.
after all, using them as a place holder for mid field objectives they are going to get shot quite a bit maybe.... then, counter attack/rage/furious charge might be a bit bad on 1 or 2 models :P

just for your thoughts (and mine ;) )

kind regards,
A Slaanesh fanatic

General Discussion / Re: all slaaneshi modelling question
« on: November 25, 2014, 05:21:53 PM »
that would be option A indeed, incorporating the gods colours in it.

other option would be to buy the actual model, use it as the structure for the slaanesh conversion and
- remove the gods signs
- add tentacles / extra noses/ears/feelers/cuts
- make it thiner and add more allure to the model
- add deamonette heads instead of the normal ones and warped crab-like claws

I think everyone should recognize a juggerlord like that
or a thick slaaneshi guy with guts peeling out being a plaguemarine of sorts

my problem is that im sold on the black, gold and pink scheme for these marines....

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