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Author Topic: 40K DEATHMATCH- the results.  (Read 681 times)

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40K DEATHMATCH- the results.
« on: October 21, 2013, 07:16:40 AM »
The deafing silence was enough to drive a human insane, but for an Eldar it was a chance to meditate, to clear his mind of what had once been a wonderful and luxurious life, and prepare it for the massacre the Eldar was about to witness. That was exactly what Arkayla was doing. He had meditated twice before, once before leaving his home and lover behind, and again just before landing on the half dead planet the humans called Iranis IV, but he found it most helpful now,  just before the ambush that was supposed to eliminate the rest of the humans and return the planet to the Eldar. Half buried in the ground was a primitive communication system telling of a commissar in need. Of course the commissar was slain a long time ago, but the humans needn't know that. Arkayla was laying flat on the remains of what appeared to be a landraider, and was looking straight at the communication device. The landraider wasn't destroyed by eldar hands, it was the outcome of a battle fought a very long time ago against the infamous tyranid ripper fleet. The genetically enhanced chimps had been sent by the dead emperor to eliminate the tyranid threat, and during their campaign all they managed to do was push the great devourer back into space, and destroy the planet. Arkayla didn't blame them for not letting the tyranids devour the planet, but he blamed them for not being a bit more gentle with it. After all, bombarding the planet and all of its human colonies wasn't the only solution. Arkayla found himself smiling at his little joke. Suddenly his train of thought was intrerupted when he heard movement and panicked, yelling into his communication crystal and alerting his friends.
The sound stopped, and he foolishly got out of cover and went investigating. So far he couldn't see anything, so he just assumed it was the wind. He ran back into cover and just seconds after felt a hand grasping his neck, while another took his shuriken catapult. He had time to react, so he kicked the humans knee, putting him off balance, and used his other foot to knock the clumsy creature down. While Arkayla took in a huge gasp of air, the human pulled out his knife and was getting closer and closer every second. As he struggled to get up, Arkayla took a glance at the creature's greasy face, just before noticing the sharp blade it was about to swing at him. He easily managed to dodge the first attack, and the second one wasn't any harder to avoid. The third one even gave Arkayla time to plan his next move, and just as the creature got tired of swinging, Arkayla delivered a punch to the stomach. The creature was just pushed back, and his armour was to thick to penetrate only with his fists, but that punch was used as a distraction, giving him time to deliver another one to the creature's face. If he wanted to win this fight he had to use his speed to his advantage and he was aware of that. He then kicked the creature's ankle, bringing it to its knees. He grabbed the creature's sweaty face and placed one slender thumb on each of its eyes, covering his hands in a gory soup as he pressed his thumbs into the creature's eye sockets. When the other Eldar arrived they saw a proud warrior standing over the bloody corpse of his victim. The loving and gentle Arkayla was no more.

That was the first episode, please write  you suggestions down and tell me if I should continue the series of if it bores you out of your mind. ;D
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