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What may Lament
« on: December 03, 2013, 10:45:57 PM »
Hey there,
                         While the Bosnian Basement gets a facelift and I ponder fondly all the grown men that I have made cry, sent back to their wives and children howling in despair... yada yada...

 I noticed this digital Tau Firebase Cadre supplement.

Now it may just be fanciful wimsical rumour, but it seems legit.

So, this cadre gets to ally without taking up an ally slot.  And don't get me wrong, a monorip and two trip-rocketsides are gonna run you a cool smooth 1000 pts on a good day.

But it seems inevitable that we see a jetseer or otherwise sick Eldar-DarkEldar-Tau list emerging as viable and solid.  Now, normally I am the runner of extremely fluffy, highly experimental lists, never to be seen twice, sometimes plagiarized by the wrecking crew, but never run twice by yours truely...  In this case, though I am curious if this is the new meta, since I was getting tired of broken bad math FW salamander vehicles anyways...

What say you?  Is this the picture of things to come... what say you?  Anyways, the Bosnian basement has no reply tonight...

 And my 6000pts of wood elves need to be converted to exodites anyways...