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1999 Eldar/ DE Experiment
« on: June 26, 2013, 12:27:13 PM »
So I am a long time Dark Eldar player.  They were my first army back when they came in that starter box with Marines.  I have played them loyally ever since, changing and adapting to the new codex and 6th Edition.  Before the new Eldar codex came out, I was saying that Eldar with Dark Eldar allies is better than DE with Eldar allies.  Reason being is, you can get everything you want out of Dark Eldar with a minimal amount of points and this allows you to take better units (Eldar) with the points saved. 

Recently i have turned to the Dark Side (maybe?) and switchted to  Eldar.  It isn't because of the shiny new book, but because it makes my Dark Eldar better.  I like to think I run a balanced Dark Eldar list which includes foot Warriors, 2 Venoms with Warriors, some Beasts, a couple Bombers and a Ravager typically as my core.  Th most terrifyign thing to people in the core above is the Beasts.  People love to shoot them and kill them.  I think that is great.  I appreciate people dumping their entire army into a unit that doesn't score, and when they don't put a dent in it, they really wanna shoot at it more.

I have developed the list below and played around 4-5 games with it.  I have had very good results but would like to find a way to refine and possibly get a Voidraven in the mix without messing up the overall theme of the list.  Here is the list:

Farseer, Bike, Shard- 155

x10 Scorpions, Exarch w/ Claw- 210
x10 Scorpions, Exarch w/ Claw- 210

x5 Rangers- 60
x6 Bikes, x2 Cannons- 122
x6 Bikes, x2 Cannons- 122

x6 Swooping Hawks- 96
x10 Spiders- 190

x2 Walkers, Lance/Scatter Laser each- 140
x2 Walkers, Lance/Scatter Laser each- 140

The Baron- 105
x10 Warriors, Cannon- 100
x10 Warriors, Cannon- 100
Beasts, x5 Masters, x6 Flock, x5 Khymera, x1 Fiend- 250


The premise of the list is to put an enormous pressure on the opponent turn 1/2.  The Scorpions Infilitrate within 18'' of the enemy and set up for a potential Turn 1 (if I have the bottom of the turn) or Turn 2 charge.  The Beasts run middle and charge whatever is there and support the Scorpions turn 2.  The Bikes can sit back or provide adequate fire support.  The Spiders Deep Strike in and kill any high valued target.  The Walkers sit back and shoot anything that needs shooting.

Essentially, I want my opponent's target priority to messed up.  Do I shoot the Scorpions who will get to me for sure Turn 2?  do I shoot the Beasts who will get to me Turn 2?  Those Walkers can be pretty annoying with their Lances... Do I shoot them?  Ah damn, Spiders and hawks are Deepstriking?  Wasn't ready for them... 

Those are some of the things my opponents have said to me regarding the list and how it functions.

Overall the list has worked great.  The Scorpions hit pretty hard in CC and the Beasts run distraction duty very well.  I have played Tau twice, a Drop Pod Wolf, a meched up Eldar, and a blob IG with the list.  I have won all of those games, and all because I think my opponents wanted to shoot and kill the Beasts, which allowed for the Scorpions to do their thing. 

My main concerns for this list is the lack of real anti-flier that I have.  The Spiders could be good, if Guided.  The Walkers can be decent, if they hit.  I have a lot of units on the ground so I can crowd the space, but things liek Helldrakes will roast any of those units on the ground.  Getting into CC helps, but isn't a guarantee and if I need to destroy vehicle to get there, it can be bad.  This is why I would like a Voidraven in the list.  He does great anti-flier and can deliver a paylod of missiles if need be.  Where do I get the points for this though?  I was thinking of dropping the Hawks and a Walker squad for the Voidraven and another squad of Rangers.  Will that work or do I need the second squad of Walkers?  They have been doing great at killing light vehicles.

So what do you guys think?  Does this list have merit?  Can it work against the heavy hitters of 40k right now?

Appreciate reading the post.  Questions and comments are welcomed!