Author Topic: Eldar Tactics (Synergy; Part 2)  (Read 809 times)

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Eldar Tactics (Synergy; Part 2)
« on: January 12, 2014, 06:58:01 PM »
well, after over a week of planning and crap, here's part two of the Synergy tactica!
This one will be fairly brief, mainly specific examples of units that work well together and give some ideas on how to implement them:

1. Punch/Counter Punch:

This one was very popular with 4th ed Eldar, I'm of course talking about the Dire Avengers and the Howling Banshees. The Dire Avengers are a cheap unit and is an underrated unit right now. The way to maximize the effect of this tactic is to spend a little points to upgrade a DA to an Exarch and give them a Shimmershield/power weapon. This brings them up to a decent points cost, and then you get anything between 6-10 Banshees. Smaller squads of banshees can be blasted off the table true, but you can make up for it with getting multiple units of them, this can be done with Dire Avengers too. This is a fairly cheap vanguard unit that's good in the center of the board.

The theory here is that the  Dire Avengers will plink away at your opponents infantry and battle focus away troll face and all. When they're finally caught or they get stuck in an assault, send in the banshees to finish off their opponents. That way you can allocate the wounds to the Dire Avengers and use the Howling Banshees to slice apart any infantry they face. To make them a bigger threat you can get an Exarch with an Executioner in each Banshee squad to get a little power armor cracker.

The 5++ save with help the Dire Avengers survive against things like heavy bolters, heavy flamers, heavy whatever. Plus it helps in close combat against units with power weapons. I've used this quite often and it has really saved my skin quite a few times. Nothing like sniping some terminators and then tying them up in a fight. If you're worried you'll be out gunned invest in some long range support, whether they be something cheap like support batteries or snipers, to more expensive units like Fire Prisms and Dark Reapers. I'm more in the Fire Prism Dark Reapers camp.

the strengths of this is you have a net of units with which to catch your opponent with and pick who gets to fight who. The weakness is that you may need support against mechs, and armies using a lot of transports won't even notice them. This strategy can work to a lesser extent with Guardians and Storm Guardians or the equivalent. If you think your counter punch unit is too fragile, invest in some Wraithblades, you won't think that again.

2. POP POP!:

This one is pretty straight forward and it's a favorite of mine to use against armies that have a lot of transports. This works best with Fire Dragons in any transport (Wave Serpent or Falcon work just as good together), and small units of Dark Reapers with an Exarch with fast shot and either a missile launcher or tempest launcher for lots and lots of dakka.

The idea is to get 2 5 man Fire Dragon squads, a Farseer can help if you want. Race them up the board in their wave serpents, make sure to make "whoosh" sounds as you do this, it helps to motivate them. Then when the time comes disembark and blast the most valuable transports or tanks your opponent has. This is a great way to stop someone using a landraider as mobile cover or transporting a nasty assault unit. Once the tank goes kaboom, battle focus away from there and use the transport to cover your escape. Immediately afterwards target the now freshly ready infantry targets with those Dark Reaper groups, 1 or 2 is fine. If you are feeling hardcore 3 works too. Then you blast the hell out of that unit or the unit that is now not being protected by a tank, the amount of high strength low AP shots should cause some massive damage towards that infantry, the tempest launcher for marines, EML works for anything lighter and also gives you that flexibility to snipe medium to light tanks.

I've done this against Tau and Necrons in the past and effectively cut his forces in half, one Fire Dragon squad died but the second one was nearly unscathed. I used the remaining forces to blast the rest of them off the board. I should note my opponent didn't field a riptide, if he did focus the fire dragons on it and make sure to bring a farseer to guide/prescience them. the sheer amount of melta shots should put him down a peg or two, if not kill him. But we have better tools for that. For example Wraithguard with wraith cannons are just as good. but that's more for monster hunting.

3. Doakes Special:

This one I dedicate to Doakes from Dexter, you'll see why in a minute.

This one requires your entire army to be built for this, so number of models may vary.
What you want is a lot of outflanking Striking Scorpions, and a lot of outflanking War Walkers with your choice of weapons.
You want an Autarch or Prince Yriel for this to work. And you'll want either a very stationary army or a very fast army. a hybrid army won't benefit as much from this.

The idea is to have your opponent either be stuck in their deployment zone or close to yours. Your Autarch will control when your outflankers come in, Wave Serpents for Scorpions are optional. Depends on how much you want to spend.

This works best with a guardian focused army, 2-3 groups of them with rangers can be the most effective. warlocks can add some psychic spice if needed.

Anyways, once your opponent is within range of your guardians (I'd say around 15" or so, that way you can move forwards, fire, and battle focus away) and easily seen from various points on the flanks. It's here you'll want your reserves to come in. The war walkers and scorpions then spring into an attack, if there are any backfield units like devastators or something, send what you feel is best to deal with them from the flank. the thing you want to focus on is the bulk of your opponents army, I find most of the war walkers and a scorpion squad are best used here. the war walkers blast the hell out of those units, and the scorpions prepare to engage a unit in CC, with the guardians moving in to finish off the units that remain. As an added benefit your war walkers and guardians can give long ranged support to your scorpions in your opponents deployment zone, whereas the scorpions would be near useless if they were focused on your board edge. If you face hordes like orks or tyranids, then you may want to reverse the two.

I've done this against Blood Angels, Orks, and Grey Knights. all of which were met with great success. if you want to entice your opponent to go a certain way, units like the Avatar will help you dictate where your opponent goes and help you with positioning. As well as being a combat monster that can really help you turn the tide. This is probably my favorite trick to pull out of these three, but the hardest to do because there's so much luck involved even with an Autarch. Yriel works too and will be deadlier in a fight against monsters and hordes.

well those are three little tricks I commonly use with some of the Eldar units, its maneuvers like these that help the Eldar dominate the battlefield.
Sudden precise strikes with an overwhelming amount of fire power is the Eldar signature, so be sure to remind your opponent why.

As always thank you very much for reading, and I hope to see what you guys have to add and contribute to the subtle art of synergy in the Eldar army :)