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refining my list 2000pts iyanden
« on: February 22, 2014, 05:27:53 AM »
played 20 odd games now with my eldar and whilst i enjoy using them the list wasn't working out as well as i want it to despite its still unbeaten success rate, some units weren't pulling their weight entirely. i was previously running 2 spirit seers, full scorpions and 2 wraithlords, they've  been replaced. iv'e added in 6 war walkers for some much needed anti tank and made it so my HQ could be a mantleseer or mantarch depending on who im playing as they clock in at the same points. also squeezed in a unit of rangers to help against scouting bikes and enemy infiltrators or to simply objective camp.

the general idea behind it is still to have my main thrust be centred around overwhelming anti infantry in the shape of the scytheguard and suncannon wraithknight. the walkers can be supported by the farseer (if i don't use the autarch) for some deadly accurate lance fire and with 12 shots and a farseer can be quite effective anti air at a push. iv'e started to face a lot more armour and MC's lately as well as a big increase in tyranid warrior squads so the S8 will be very welcome and not just limited to blowing up tanks. iv'e almost been forced to upgrade my knight because it gets picked on now, but im hoping the firepower of the warwalkers mitigate it a bit. then i have the multi purpose spider units to zip in and out pack hunting armour or MC's. add in obligatory jetbike squads for objectives and it's done. basic army goal is to utterly cripple enemy infantry to remove their ability to hold objectives. my unit choices are quite potent and durable so stands me in good stead to get first first blood rather than yield it. iv'e got good tactically flexible scoring units and an almost unkillable HQ choice that's netted me a point for line breaker (as well as deny slay the warlord) in all but 1 game iv'e used him in.

im always open to suggestions for improvements, is there anything that jumps out to you? im wondering if i should arm my warwalkers differently especially, perhaps with bright lance and star cannons so they can forfil anti TEQ/MEQ role as well as anti armour...

Autarch / jetbike, mantle of the laughing god, fusion gun, laser lance +10, banshee mask / 150 (warlord)
Farseer / jetbike, mantle of the laughing god, singing spear / 150 (warlord)
Spiritseer / 70

5 wraithguard / D-scythes / 210 (spiritseer)
-   Wave serpent / twin linked scatter laser, shuriken cannon, holofield / 145
5 wraithguard / D-scythes / 210
-   Wave serpent / twin linked scatter laser, shuriken cannon, holofield / 145
3 Windrider jetbikes / 51
3 Windrider jetbikes / 51
5 rangers / 60

5 warp spiders / 95
5 warp spiders / 95

3  warwalkers / 6x bright lances / 210
3  warwalkers / 6x bright lances / 210
Wraithknight / suncannon & scattershield, scatter laser / 300
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