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1k All Comers Tournament List
« on: July 05, 2013, 05:38:20 PM »
Hi All,

As a relatively novice Eldar player, I could use some advice on my planned list for a little tournament my LGS hosts every month. My collection is admittedly limited (sorry, no jetbikes or Waveserpents to work with).

My thoughts were:

Farseer w/Spirit Stone
2 Warlocks - 1 Spear
6 Firedragons, exarch w/ fast shot and firepike
2x10 Guardians w/Starcannons
5 Dire Avengers, exarch w/Shimmershield
6 Warpspiders, exarch w/Spinneret rifle, fast shot, and marksman
Falcon w/ Scatter laser and holo fields.

As is, that's 14 points shy, so I have a little wiggle room. I also considered including 8 Swooping Hawks with a tooled up Exarch instead of the Fire Dragons (and switching Starcannons to Bright Lances).

I've also considered running an Ork list (discussed in my blog post:

But what are your thoughts? Other models I have are:

10 Storm Guardians
20 Guardian Defenders (unassembled) and more weapons platforms
Wraithlord (unassembled - metal)

Ally options include some Dark Eldar and small amount of old Tau. Would love some input, either here or on my blog.