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New guard list help
« on: February 12, 2015, 02:53:11 PM »
Hi guys i am starting the guard and would appreciate any help with what i want to do with them.
I want to have two blobs of 20 guardsmen with a heavy weapon team and platoon command squad each and a tank commander in a vanquisher with two other vanquishers.However after that i am quite stuck on what i want to get as i want a fun but efficient guard army.
Just so you know the guard squads have 3 grenade launchers each (two from the squads one from the command squad) and the heavy weapon teams all have autocannons as well as the tank commander and vanquishers having lascannons and multi meltas for full on anti tank.
Apart from that i want to maybe have two squads of three armoured sentinels all with autocannons and hunter killers flanking each side.
Please recommend me units and give me advice so far i only have two guard squads and a heavy weapons team.