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3 lists, one game.
« on: May 27, 2016, 11:13:44 AM »
I'm having a running competetion against the next best player in our gaming group who plays GK's.  I've won all 5 battles so far but some have been quite close.  Our last was a 4000pt game with many formations and LoW so we have decided that the next will be a simple 1500pt Maelstrom with only one CAD allowed. We will both write 3 separate lists and must attempt to keep them different from each other.  We will then draw them randomly against each other and see who wins the 3 games.
I have opted for 3 lists each built around a different idea and have tried to make them fluffy and challenge myself as a player, they are: A Fire dragons host; A Wraith host and a Speed host.
I will list each army and any tweaks you think may be good would be appreciated.
First up: Fire Dragons which is a small very hard hitting variation on my double aspect host force.
Warlord: Fuegan
2nd HQ: Autarch with fusion gun and firesabre
3 units of 10 Fire dragons with a basic exarch.
3 Wave serpents with BL and ghost walk matrixes.
2 units of 3 jetbikes.

Normally I would have 6 units of 5 to maximise targets and use the cloudstrike for 3 to drop them in but I don't to start off with so much off the board and can obviously only have 3 units.  The plan will be to get them up close quick and preferably in cover and take 3 units of the board as quick as possible.  Thankfully GK's are not likely to have huge numbers either.