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Points cost on Scions and Vehicle upgrades?


Hello everyone so I am very confused on the matter of the points cost of certain things for the Tempestus.

Firstly a squad of Scions with no upgrades at all is 70 points. But yet it costs 12 points per model, 12x5 is not 70 but 60, did gw do this on purpose or what, I can understand why they are base 70 because ap 3 guns is really scary but those ap 3 weapons are only S 3, you are literally paying the same amount of points for them that you would a 5 man tac marine squad, but they are 14 points per model which 14x5 is 70. Is there an FAQ for this?

Secondly and lastly what is the points cost to upgrade Tauroxes with camo netting?

If there is any other funny stuff like this in the codex please let me know, but thank you for reading this and any feed back is greatly appreciated.

1) As with almost all armies, you pay extra points for sergeant

- as you said, a Scion is 12 pts, so 5-men squad would normally cost you 60; if it costs 70, that means, you paid 10 pts extra for the sergeant; which means, that it is more cost effective to use larger units, as 2 x 5 Scions is 10 pts more expensive that 1 x 10 Scions, right? Although, it's a trap from GW part, as Scions will be imho better as MSU army
- only some armies have the advantage of not paying extra points for your sergeants - for example old Grey Knights (5e codex)

2) 12 points is certainly a lot for a T3 guy

- do not compare these guys to Marines, they are nothing like them; more likely, you should compare them to IG Veterans and again, it will be a sad comparison
- still, the AP3 guns could be very effective sometimes and more important - you can buy an excessive amount of special weapons with your Scions (which you should), and that's imho the very reason why the high base cost
- also, the best part of the codex is Taurox Prime, very shooty vehicle, and it's a Dedicated Transport for your Scions - buy as many as you can (which again, forces you to use only small units of Scions, so you can buy the Taurox)

3) as per codex, you can't buy Heavy Stubber and Camo Netting for your Taurox, that's why there are no points

- look for your FAQ  ;)

You'd be better off comparing them to dark eldar. T3, MSU,  fast light transports with medium mounted guns

Alright now it makes more sense for the points cost of the scions, as well as what to compare them to, thank you for the clarification.

My last question however is that if you cannot buy a heavy stubber or como netting for a taurox then why are they in the codex to begin with, I googled "40k militarum tempestus FAQs", and the FAQs I found were last updated back in 2014, I could not find any other more recent FAQs, but here is the link to it https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/Errata/Warhammer_40000/Militarum_Tempestus_EN.pdf. The FAQ itself mentioned the points cost to upgrade a taurox with both camo netting and a heavy stubber. If there is a mroe recent FAQ then could you please link it to me.

Thank you once again for the reply you have definitely helped me out.


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