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How to build Tempestus?


Hello everyone so at my local store in about a month we will be doing a competition of just start collecting boxes. I am not sure of the points limit we are using, I would imagine no higher than 500 but will report back as soon as possible when I find out.

Continuing on however I look at the start collecting box for tempestus and am always questioning who do I give what upgrade? what weapons do I give the scions,? should the command squad take a medpack or another special weapon? same goes for the vox caster, vox caster or another special weapon?

From what I have been thinking lately though to go for a plasma build with everything, giving the scions two plasma guns, a vox caster, and suicide them into the enemy as they can just come back next turn and have the Taurox nearby with an Augur Relay. Then give the command squad a vox caster, 3 plasma guns and a plasma pistol on the tempestor prime, having these guys stay back and back up the scions with the Taurox. Then the Commisar maybe make him a lord Commisar still debating on that, but will definitely go for a plasma pistol on him for this build. Lastly the Taurox, I have almost no idea how to outfit this but I was definitely thinking of relic plating to deal with the psykers in other boxes.

The problem I am having however is should I use all of that plasma or use something like Hot-Shot Volley guns instead? Am I using too much plasma? Are my tactics flawed? However I was also thinking well with this much plasma and being able to give squads preferred enemy I should have a good fighting chance against the enemy.

I just recently started playing 40k

and I'm wondering how many extra boxes you plan on buying to get that many plasma guns if you wanna play WYSWYG.

In the same vein I wanted to put a bolter on a comisar which the rules say is possible but where the hell can you even find the arms and gun?

Well seeing as how you have just gotten into the hobby allow me to say welcome.

Unfortunately I cannot help you with the commissar's bolter I am on the same boat as you with that.

Regarding those plasma guns though I have decided on a different build. That being I am hoping to build up my way to a ground assault formation in the Tempestus codex. This will require 4 start collecting Tempestus boxes (and if you want all of you scion squads to be 10 man then another box of scions) and the way I plan on running my squads now is as follows. Commisar bear bones no upgrades. Command Squad either 4 melta guns or 4 hotshot volley guns. Then each of the scion squads will be outfit for a different situation, one will have 2 plasma guns (still debating the plasma pistol) another with 2 flamers and the last with 2 melta guns. Finally the Tauroxes I will run 2 of them with the gatling cannon, volley gun combo, and the other 2 will be stock with the cannon and twinlinked autocannon.

Hope this helps and if you have any other questions then feel free to ask.


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