Author Topic: 8th Edition Competitive Lists for Dark Angels  (Read 9902 times)

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Re: 8th Edition Competitive Lists for Dark Angels
« Reply #15 on: August 09, 2017, 08:51:13 PM »
Azrael is definetly a big threat. In the last game I used him he took down Typhus and Ahriman in 1 round of combat each, while giving rerolls and invulns to my preds. However what you might want to do if possible is to have a small ravenwing force, led by a librarian on a bike, to help with psychic, and run him with a squad of normal ravenwing bikes with melta guns to threaten anything that relies on armor saves or high wounds. This will also create a multitude of threats for your opponent. Having to worry about positioning from the deepstrikes, the fire lanes of the preds and the speed of the ravenwing. The only things that will threaten you will be hordes. Again another reason to take the preds auto cannons, its more shots than a lascannon, which can deal with hordes. Another alternative is to get a crusader for some of your termies, or deathwing knights to also clear hordes. Plus if you have knights in there the Knight Master can help with hordes due to his weapons wounds spilling over, while also threatening bigger things with the maces flat 3 damage. If you do go this way, drop Belial and use Asmodai. The knights have no shooting and just melee, which is what Asmodai buffs more than Belial, at the cost of no shooting benefits.