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Re: Rise of sniper?
« Reply #15 on: July 11, 2013, 06:49:45 PM »
My problems with snipers is their low BS.  They just haven't been too realiable for me.  However, I'm a sucker for them.  I just always try to find a way to stick them in my lists.  My favorite 'sniper' is the 'Nid version: the hive guard.  I know it's not a real sniper, but effectively acts as one.
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Re: Rise of sniper?
« Reply #16 on: July 12, 2013, 09:00:21 AM »
The BS 3 does reduce their damage output, but their range, T4 and Camo cloaks means they are good for holding backfield objectives. Their damage output is kind of secondary.

This is why troop Snipers are really good, where as elite and heavy choices are more difficult to leverage as their damage is the only thing going for them. Here's my list of the top Sniper units:

1) Eldar Rangers +troops, stealth, range, BS4
2) Kroot +troops,some stealth, flexabilty -short range
3) Space Marine Scouts +troops, T4 / 4+, Stealth - BS3
4) Necron Deathmarks, +good damage, tricks, -Elite but not a lot of better elites
5) IG Veterans, +troops, camo cloaks, - Few (3) Rifles (but can take a heavy weapon too)
6 Vindicare Assasin +devastating, tough, - HQ, single model
7) Wolf Scouts +BS4 T4, 4+, Stealth - Elites
8) Ratling Snipers +BS4, stealth -Elite
9) Tau Sniper Drones +BS5, pretty tough - HEAVY and all the good Tau stuff is Heavy

I couldn't think of any more, if there are any.

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Re: Rise of sniper?
« Reply #17 on: July 12, 2013, 12:13:42 PM »
Imperial Guard, Platoon Special weapons squad, 3 Snipers in a squad of 6, troops, BS3 (50 points)
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Re: Rise of sniper?
« Reply #18 on: July 12, 2013, 01:05:05 PM »
I have recently been playing around with IG sniper options i.e. special weapon squad, ccs and ratlings. I have found them to be very usefull;

- my CCS tends to sit in the back field so the extra 12" is very handy as it means they do somthing other than just give orders.
- ratlings with infiltrate are a great way to upset your opponents plans they are cheap so i havent lost much if they are wiped out, if not dealt with they can on that lucky roll be a game changer.
- sws are really not going to do much but they are a nice cheap way to hold back field objectives and possibly snipe that special weapon or character.

The more I use them the more i like them, though my friends are most definiteley not stupid and are already adapting (but once they do i can switch out or just keep them as throw aways).
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