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Thoughts on our new codex


Now that GW has gifted us with stratagems, updated points costs (if there were any changes at all), warlord traits, psychic powers, stratagems and relics, how do you think your army will change?

+1 to casting on everything is a real boon, great to have that.

The eternal question: Paladins or Terminators (now that Terminators get Obsec it seems like a more interesting choice)

Strike squads, better of with transports, or just deepstriking into the fray?

Do you think psycannons or psilencers will become the "standard" special weapon, now that we have the psychic shot strategem?

What do you guys think about our vehicle pool, we know razorbacks are great, landraiders are solid, but how do the new psychic powers affect our dreadnoughts?

Which Hq's are the most effective now? The Characters generally have better gear and buffs (looking at draigo and voldus), but are locked into using their specific warlord traits (meaning not having access to First to the Fray, which seems to be the best trait imho)

What do you think of our relics?

Comments, criticism, ideas, post 'em here. :D

Originally I sort of thought.. meh... but I had a smaller game the other night vs orks (1 player) and Astra Militarum (1 player).

I generally had Crowe, 4 Razorbacks with Assault cannons, 4 Strike squads and a Dreadknight.

The Dreadknight. gee it performed well... The strike squads did ok, they were a distraction. The Razorbacks, all with Assault cannons - They were the standout. Pumping out 48 Str 5 shots a turn they really did very well. They took a beating and just kept on firing...

This is the edition of the vehicle. So I make these next comments with that in mind.

I dont see me using too many expensive units. I think the comments ive red online is that perhaps, that Grey knights are still a tad too expensive. So units ike Paladins, im still a bit Meh...

The performance of the dread knight makes me want to try the Grandmaster Dreadknight. Hitting on 2's, multiple psychic powers are very juicy. Saying that, he has 12 wounds so can be targetted by everything. But if you can pull off these 3++/2++ inv saves, he could really wreck face. So use hit to hit where it hurts.

For smaller games, HQ's like Crowe are awesome, or if you're trying so save on points. The other night in 2 rounds each he was hitting with 10 attacks, hitting on 2's!

I can see the Venerable Dreadnought using the 1CP - Teleprtarium Strategem, that allows a unit like a Dreadnaughts to Teleport in with the Dreadknights to help wreck face.

The best item I see the grey knights have... is actually the warlord trait "First to the Fray". "You an reroll failed charge rolls for your warlord and friendly grey knight units that are within 6" of him at the start of the charge phase.
a) Lets face it. We use a lot of deep striking units and you need to get them into combat. Your lovely weapons need to get into combat and charging units go first. Forget armies of lots of Khorne berserkers etc. You can always wait for 1 or 2 turns, see the movements of the opponents, then deep strike with all of your units with your warlord and have rerolls for EVERY unit within 6".

b) It saves you a command point.. not just for 1 reroll, for every unit charging.

How I see the the working.

The trouble I see with Grey knights, is that Razorback spam is so strong, but any space marine army can do the same thing. So why take them. And this is why the above statement about deep striking is where I see the army. The army is still quite expensive, and so you need to get them close and into combat asap.

Imagine a list looking something like this:

Grandmaster Dreadknight

3 x Strike squads

Heavy Support
Nemesis Dreadknight (Teleporter, G/psilencer, H/Psycannon, Greatsword)
Nemesis Dreadknight (Teleporter, G/psilencer, H/Psycannon, Greatsword)
Nemesis Dreadknight (Teleporter, G/psilencer, H/Psycannon, Greatsword)

Dedicated Transport
5 x Razorbacks

First, you deploy the 5 razorbacks and 1 strike squad. I don't see any chance how they will all be destroyed and be tabled. Keep them together and pool your firepower into the opposition. You DONT have to deepstrike your forces on the first turn. Some armies either have screenning units or deep strikers themselves. You have to use your judgment here. If they only have screening forces, then use the first turn and thin them out or mow them down.

Then, In your next turn you bring everything down. within 6" of the warlord. You then pool all of your firepower into the right targets, either to weaken etc. Then, you charge, rerolling anything that failed.

Yes, it will all depend on that large beta strike and how much damage you do, but at this point your army is in 2 main groups. The 5 razorbacks laying down firepower each turn, or 4 Dreadknights and a Venerable Dreadnaught.

my 2 cents...

It's messy but according to the community site's article 'Codexes: Your Questions Answered', a GK Libby can take a Storm Shield. I'm totally doing it.


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