Author Topic: so i got myself an airbrush...changed my life!  (Read 1307 times)

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so i got myself an airbrush...changed my life!
« on: December 12, 2013, 06:34:27 AM »
in my long years in the hobby. 20 this year in fact ive always found painting to be the least enjoyable thing about the hobby. its not that i hate it i just find it so time consuming that i almost never see a project through to the end because my enthusiasm fades as progress is too slow to spur me on. im, like im sure many of you, a busy guy. work, family and all the rest of it means my time is precious so i started to look at airbrushes and whether they would benefit me.

i decided i'd go for a cheap set i found on ebay. a mini compressor and duel action airbrush quid for 40 quid. cheap enough to not break the bank if i dont like it or whatever.

well. its changed my life. in a single evening i painted 3/4 of my deathguard army. what would take me a year to do otherwise...if i ever even got that far and i manage to do it in 2 hours!!! im absolutely amazed at what you can get done and what results you can achieve. seemless blending, high/low lighting, shading is all absolutely effortless. i'll probably have the army done inside a fortnight as i still need to do detail work and bases but to have all the base colours, skin tones, shading done on your entire army in 2 hours is crazy good.

i was dubious about the quality of the kit as it was cheap and no name brand but it works perfectly well and seems robust and well made. glad i didnt shell out big bucks as this will do me just fine.

for anyone who's on the fence about getting one, DO IT! its worth every penny. i cant believe ive been painting the chump way for 2 decades.

i'll post pics of the army when its done.  8)

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Re: so i got myself an airbrush...changed my life!
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2013, 05:15:33 AM »
Yes, once you make the leap, it's hard to imagine how you got by without one. I started about 18 months ago and I love mine. The blending, OSL effects and loads of other things you can do with an airbrush which is just so much more time consuming by hand is amazing. Plus it's fun.

Shameless blog plug now.

I've written a some of articles on starting out with airbrushing which is being published on the front page of BoLs at the moment as a mini series. I didn't originally think about doing one before but after much pestering from friends and the wife I started my very own blog. I've included most of series the airbrush tutorials and there's more to come. I've got a few more articles lined up in the next day or two now I'm settled after moving house.
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Re: so i got myself an airbrush...changed my life!
« Reply #2 on: March 23, 2017, 05:56:03 PM »
I have been toying with the idea of ordering one
Just got back in to 40k after playing it back in 4th edition as a young teen
I have 1000pts painted and a lot to paint up.
Thing is I'd want to strip and paint every thing lol