Author Topic: Grey knights vs Chaos Space Marines, weekend escalation  (Read 940 times)

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Grey knights vs Chaos Space Marines, weekend escalation
« on: March 23, 2014, 11:40:00 PM »
Good evening and well met everyone,

I am a relatively new Grey knights player with a good friend that picked up the Chaos half of a dark vengeance set, we live 300 miles apart so I only see him a couple times a year, and last time we got together I got him a Deamon prince, (regretted that...)

In late April I am making a pilgrimage to his side of the mountains for a weekend, and I wanted to put together a story based escalation league. The idea being that either side would gain bonuses in the next game based both on winning/losing, and on what objectives they control during the last turn.

We are going to start with a kill teams game, I have already sent him a box of plague marines, and the plan was to pit them against a kill team of purifiers.

From there we would escalate into 500 points, 750-800, and finally, 1000-1200 (depending how many points we can squeeze into his army without buying useless upgrades, we might proxy some of my stuff on his side of the table)

Finally there are two other pieces we want to fit into the game, His Daemon Prince and my Dreadknight have a score to settle, and I have a new Librarian, and he has new Chaos Scorcer, that really should have a showdown.

My first thought is that the objective in our kill teams game, would be an artifact of some importance, and the forces on both sides want to hold it until they get backup.

Leading into the second game, we could do a relic mission, player that won the first game gets to move the relic into any location on the board, and deploys controlling it, but must place all his other units within a 24 inch radius of it, second player deploys second, but goes first, any may not deploy within 24 inches of an enemy with line of sight, or 12 inches of a unit that does not.

I think it would be neat to allow the kill team units to keep their added rules,  but make them worth a victory point or two, additionally, we would like to add a couple perks for winning previous games without tipping either player's chances too much one way. After that I am not sure where to go with the 750 and 1000 point games, what do you guy think?

I would also love to add a couple of triggers, maybe if I hold a certain objective or do something cool, Mordrak and a couple terminators show up, maybe if Max does, some choosen spawn. Should be good fun and I think I'll take some pictures throughout the games and take a crack at my first battle report.

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