Author Topic: The ETC and how CSM shaped up (insight into competitive csm lists)  (Read 709 times)

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Disclaimer: I havent seen the actual personal results of each of the top CSM players only how high their team placed. For all I know someone who may have come high got carried by their team to the ranking rather than by personal results. However I think to finish in the top teir of teams every individual player must have played well for their team to achieve the ranking they got.

So the "European team championships" or ETC (stupid name imo since it was world championship) was played recently. I was looking through the lists to see what the best CSM players (by CSM players Im looking at people who ran primary detachment csm not allied) took to the tournement. Here are all of the lists that were played at the ETC:   The top  6 CSM lists were very similar (their page numbers and results are below).  The general "meta" list for CSM involved 2 Sorcerers, one or 2  nurgle spawn pack, several maulerfiends, 2 Cultist units, maybe a unit or 2 oblitiators.

 Every single list except one allied with Chaos Demons and the allied combined detachment was nearly the same for all of them and was very standard across the whole tournement (many lists just took this demon detachment and ran x allied combined arms  detachment with it). The demon detachment  was 4 Heralds lvl 3 a unit (or 2) pink horrors and a unit of Screamers. A few list including the some in the top 5 and others below did not run iwth the screamers and took another unit of pink horrors (I believe this was probly because they must have been focusing on summoning units more than creating a deathstar).  Only the Italian player (2nd highest csm player) did something different which was to run one of the Heralds as slannash with a steed and outflank a ton of demonettes.

The top 5 CSM lists not in order were:

Team Belarus page 23 8th place team (didnt run screamers used an extra spawn pack and unit of pink horrors)

Denmark page 54 11 place team (rank multiple oblitiator units and sky shield pad)

Italy  page 106 5th (allied detachment included seekers and a soulgrinder)

Polan page 145 1st place team (Ran very standard light upgrade list)

Serbia 10th place 173 (CSM tau nurgle typhus List) 

The most successful teams that Ran CSM as allies that werent demons was orcs and thats pretty much it, there was a few people who tried chaoscron lists, they ended in the lower resulting teams.
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